Local Citations

Citations in Leeds

Local Citations

What is a local citation?

This is simply an online mention of your Name, Phone number and Address AKA NAP. The most popular place for citations are in directories (such as Yelp) and social platforms. For more info click here

Why are they important?

Given their simplicity, these are hugely important. It is one of the known factors in SEO that they do have an impact (and a fairly significant one) on local rankings. They must be accurate and consistent across all directories/platforms etc. High quality is also important – be sure not to pay someone to list you on 1000s of directories for a low price, this is more likely to damage your rankings then help. Finally, the number of citations should also be worked on. Get these 3 areas right and you will greatly increase your chances of ranking highly on Google.

Where do I start?

First of all, ensure your NAP is consistent across any platforms you already have (like Google my business). Then it is a manual process of submitting your details to directories, to find some of the best Brightlocal has listed some here.

Some of the big ones are important but don’t forget local citations. These are ones which are submitted to a local directory instead of national. REMEMBER – when you start the process first begin by checking if you already have a citation built on that directory. Secondly, Fix any which are inconsistent or out of date and finally add your citation.

Is this something you can do for me?

Of course! We will manually submit your details to the top directories ensuring they are 100% consistent and will avoid duplicate listings. You will then be provided with a report informing you of the directories we have submitted to along with the account information so you will be able to amend these in the future if you wish.

Local Citations FAQ's

That’s great! If you’ve input your citations to 50+ good directories let us know and we can arrange a discounted price