Local Audit Analysis

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Local Audit Analysis

Why is it important?

The Audit analysis which will be run for your website is one of the first things we will do. It’s vital that we can remove any obstacles early on in the process. The report is in-depth but some of the areas cover the below:

Indexing and crawlability
Redirects / Links
On page SEO
Page speed
and more!

Why is it important?

Ensuring these issues are identified and fixed lays the groundwork for building a good website. When Google determines the trustworthiness of a site it wants to ensure that it’s got a good ‘user experience’.

This encompasses a wide range of aspects but if your page is slow to load, has broken links and the titles / sub-titles are unclear then it will greatly decrease your chances of ranking number 1.

Free tools

Some of the issues you may need assistance on but some free tools can help you along. One of these is a broken link checker which does what it says on the tin. Next is Google’s ‘PageSpeed Insights‘ this will give your website a score of 1-100 on how fast your page is to load. The best part is that it also provides you with the files you will likely need.

For example, if your top optimization recommendation is ‘optimize images’ it will provide you with compressed images of those on your site – meaning all you have to do is re-upload them.

What we provide

Having to complete a full site audit, analyse all the issues and then trying to fix them can be time-consuming and frustrating. We will provide a full technical audit report, prioritize the biggest issues and guide you through the optimizations required. Our work will be whats called ‘off-page’ SEO so we can’t amend anything within your site but will provide straight-forward guidance. Most of the big issues are simple fixes!

Audit FAQ's

According to Moz, on-page SEO accounts for approximately 35% of all the ranking factors required. This is a significant amount, however, there are a number of other factors such as backlinking (30%) Citations (10%) Behavioural signals (8%) and so on. To reach the top of Google you require all of the above (and more!).

The full technical audit can be confusing. In my experience, all of the major issues which are hurting your website to rank are simple fixes (broken links, duplicate content, image optimisation etc) which we will guide you through if you’re struggling. As we are off-page specialists we won’t amend your website but can break it down into actionable steps

Most websites work very well on the surface but unfortunately, Google uses robots to ‘crawl’ your website. This is how they determine ‘user experience’ (before they track how customers behave on your site). So, for example, some of your broken links may be hidden away on your webpage which may never be clicked on, however, from Google’s point of view these are seen as harming the user experience (no one likes visiting a site with broken links!) and consequently can damage your ability to rank.