Using Google My Business (GMB)

16Mar, 2017

Google My Business – how to get a free business listing on Google

Google has launched a new portal that meets the needs of small local businesses designed to simplify Google’s management, and now you can control your presence on Google Search, Google+ and Google Maps and simultaneously update your business information across multiple platforms and support Google My Business Opportunities

Google My Business is a free list of products that you can create, the best first step to ranking in search results, and provide business owners with all the necessary information about your business. This service allows owners to update information, add photos, read comments and use Google+ in one place. This new service will not only benefit from companies that already exist in Google but especially help those that you have not yet figured out on Google.

Why does my business in Google matter?

Put your business information at the fingertips of users

Major Google systems, such as Maps and Search, are already optimized for mobile devices. This means that users looking for a business like yours, using a smartphone or tablet, can quickly find their business, get directions or directly contact you. For local companies, this kind of vision grows in motion.

Start talking with important people.

Google+ allows you to easily interact with the target audience. For example, customers who review your business can provide exceptional brand ambassadors – and when they publish a review, they basically give you the opportunity to interact more with them. Take advantage of this.

Continue to improve your presence on Google

Your presence in the control panel will suggest that you conduct an investigation that will allow you to identify problems before you destroy your earnings. Increase your presence in Google by adding photos, responding to comments, start a conversation, following the leaders of the thought and influence, or by sending a video call to Google+. The world of Google is at your fingertips.

Get valuable customer information

GMB offers statistics, providing basic information about how your customers find you. It’s easy to see how many clicks, how many users have requested travel paths to your physical location and more statistics.

impacts of Google my business on local SEO

It’s a way to control the local search for businesses, products, and services. Because their competitors presented a more local theme for their applications, such as “Places” Facebook and yellow pages that access the site local SEO as always, quick passes to the introduction of a local search algorithm. Google Addresses have become more relevant now as a local search engine for any of its competitors, as it tries to provide the market with local searches.

The importance of this change has already led to the fact that many local SEO consultants have switched to a change in the structure of keywords so that they include local meaning. If your work was originally optimized for a particular keyword and you do not need to have a convenient place to match,

What to do with Google My Business

Increase the growth of Google+ subscribers

The social network of Google has not reached the epic proportions of Facebook for daily conversation, but since the whole thing in Google, including SEO, is an opportunity that you do not want to go through. By sharing educational content, you can share your followers and even earn new business on Google+.

Monitor user interaction.

You will not fly blindly when you find out that it works on Google+. Track user interaction for Google+ pages and messages to get valuable information. Once you have identified the content that resonates with your audience, create it more to increase the number of viewers and improve organic accessibility.

Get information about other Google channels

In addition to Maps, Google+ and Search, the My Business control panel contains information about Google Analytics and YouTube channels.

Create and track AdWords Express campaigns.

Paid search exists in GMB. You can not only create AdWords Express campaigns but also control performance directly from the My Business toolbar. There are also many opportunities to learn. If you do not already have an account, sign up now and start exploring several ways to get more visibility from Google.