Building Backlinks

Backlinks chart
29Jul, 2018

The number of backlinks that the average website has on Google’s first page is 30,000 backlinks. You can develop this high number of links in two ways, i.e., artificially or naturally. Black hat SEO is the term used by industry players to describe methods of generating links artificially. Unfortunately, the tactics used to create these links are risky. Search engines might penalize your site if they discover them.

Build Relationships Online

People will not place links to your website on their web pages unless they know you. Develop a formal relationship with them so that they can do that. You can develop it in various ways. One of them is being active on social media. Comment on relevant posts on different social media platforms.
Share links to your webpage as you engage in these comment sections. People will find them and place them on their site as long as your comments are entertaining and informative. Others ways of building relationships for backlinks include being a guest blogger and creating an email list.

Write Unique, Educative, and Fascinating Content

Online visitors demand quality content on the websites that they visit. This quality content includes links to authoritative and informative websites. That means website owners will place your links on their sites if your content is worthwhile. Online visitors to their website will revolt against them by opting for other websites if the links lead to bogus web pages. Therefore, focus on writing unique, educative, and fascinating content that people would appreciate once a link directs them to your page.

Conduct an Original Study

Studies are critical to understanding particular subjects and issues in society. People love quoting and reading them so that they can gain new perspectives on specific problems or circumstances. Website owners love them as well because it adds value to the content on their page. It also makes the information on the site seem authoritative.

Therefore, these owners would gladly place a link to your web page if you have conducted an original study. Similarly, online visitors would love clicking on that link to find primary data on the subject in question. They will share the information on your site with their loved ones depending on what study you conducted.

Go For an Infographic

Infographics share loads of information with viewers. They do that quickly, creatively, and effectively. People love them because they are interesting to decipher. They are also easy to read. Additionally, you can explain them to other people without much effort. Website owners understand all of these facts. They know that their visitors appreciate infographics and therefore, they want as many of them as possible on their sites. Consequently, they will place your infographic on their web page in addition to a link that leads their visitors to the source.

Generating backlinks is an excellent idea because it helps you rank highly on major search engines such as Google. Naturally creating them is better than doing it artificially through black hat operations. You can do that by building relationships online, writing quality content, conducting an original study and coming up with an infographic. Other ways of doing it include updating your social media platforms regularly and writing testimonials on relevant websites.