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Backlinks Overview

Within the SEO world, the topic of backlinks is one of the most popular. Why? Because of the effect, they have on a website’s ranking. There are varying statements around the professional community about how effective they are, but from experience, they DO matter.


So What Is a Backlink?

Simply put, a backlink is a link from another site to your own. For example, if a popular blogger likes your products and recommends you on their site (which includes a hyperlink to your website) this would be classed as a backlink for your website.

Why are they important?

The simple answer to this is why would Google trust your site over the 100’s of competitors you have? A backlink provides a signal to Google that your site is reputable. If you gain a large number of backlinks from other reputable sites Google will see this as a positive sign and therefore will begin to favour your site over others.

However, in the Local SEO world, it’s said that backlinks are less important as local citations come in to play. In these cases, it’s a good idea to have backlinks from local sites/businesses.

How do I get them?

Quality backlinking can take a long period of time. It generally requires you to reach out to other websites or directories in order for them to place a link on their site. Needless to say, (reputable) web owners receive lots of requests and can be difficult getting in touch. For the websites that have ‘Advertise here’ or ‘buy a listing today’ in the most prominent section of their website beware! These will generally be low-quality sites just looking for profit.

Our Service

Fortunately, we can provide you with a backlinking strategy to suit your business. We only build high-quality links that are relevant to your local business. This will be done manually (and gradually) over each month to ensure quality.

Backlinks FAQ's

As much as I’d like to give you a definite answer here the truth is that it depends. Backlinking needs to be done continuously over time, it’s a process that generally doesn’t stop – the longer you keep getting quality backlinks the stronger your site will generally become.